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The Rex Agreement is not a loan, it is not a reverse mortgage, and in fact it is not debt of any kind.  It is a real estate option agreement that enables you to convert a portion of your home equity into immediate cash.  The cash you receive from FirstREX is not debt, so there is no interest, and you make no monthly payments to FirstREX - ever.

At the start of the Rex Agreement, means invest in your home by making a lump-sum cash payment.  You continue living in your home, and you continue to enjoy the advantages of owning your home, including any tax advantages.  Unlike a loan, there are no burdensome monthly payments to make to FirstREX in order to gain access to your home equity.  As long as you pay your mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, and any other obligations that are or may become a lien on your home, and abide by the provisions of the agreement, you make no payments  of any kind until the agreement ends. The lump sum payment given to you at the start does not mean firm own a part of your home today.  Instead, in exchange for the cash you receive, you agree that they will earn a return on our investment equal to a share of the change in value of your home.  You decide how much you are comfortable sharing (from 20% to 50%).  The more you share the more cash you can receive.  You can use the cash for any purpose you choose, from supplementing retirement income, making home improvements, or reducing debt, to funding a child's education, paying health care expenses, or saving for a rainy day.  The possibilities are endless.

The Rex Agreement typically ends when you decide to sell your home. At that time, firm typically receive a portion of the sale proceeds. Return on investment can be positive or negative.  If your home increases in value, make money on investment.  If your home decreases in value, then typically lose money on investment.  It's that simple. If you count yourself among this group, you may have considered trying to use some of your home equity to diversify your investments, but perhaps anxiety over the thought of borrowing money and making monthly payments has stopped you.  If that’s the case, the Rex Agreement may be a sensible alternative for you.  Unlike a loan, the Rex Agreement allows you to convert a portion of your home equity into immediate cash without incurring new debt.  There are no interest charges and no monthly payments - ever. The decision on how to use the cash you receive is entirely up to you.  Homeowners have used the cash from a Rex Agreement to prepare for diversify their investments, or otherwise prepare for retirement.  Others have paid down debt, taken a dream vacation, or invested in a second home.  The choices are limitless. To sum up, if you really think to go for a smart investment, then you can opt for Rex Agreement and you will reap the fruitful results in fact the high returns on investment.

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